Life before lockdown with our volunteer getting help from one of the residents

Life in Lockdown


Here’s the fourth part of a selection of ‘Life in Lockdown’ blogs from inside Acorn Village, thank you to all of our wonderful carers, volunteers and Acorn VIP’s for sharing their challenges and fears throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the 16 March when Acorn was closed to the public, ways of raising money were looked at to see if we could still E-bay in the worst case scenario from home and continue raising money.
After this is all over Mandy will need to go fishing and trampolining, Catherine and the others horse-riding again and all the other life enhancing activities that fundraising helps to support as well as helping to maintain the grounds and buildings and everything else fundraising helps with.

I asked my husband (who has been supporting me at home by checking puzzles, helping to build Lego, checking games helping getting items ready for sales etc for the past few years) if this would be ok and he said yes. I have not asked him if he regretted this decision but he has asked recently a few times when I will be going back to Acorn to list.

We did not realise our living room would become the next Acorn E-bay Storage room with all that entails, packing, boxes, items to list, items listed etc. Our kitchen table for the last two weeks has been taken over by a 1000 piece puzzle showing airman being debriefed after a raid, selling for about £10 on eBay. We only usually do children’s very quick or up to 500 pieces but we are nearly there and we know every penny counts.

I now understand when John (who amongst other roles, does the post at Acorn) used to say can I take the eBay parcels in small amounts as people moan about the time he was spending in the queue. Today I posted 15 – the queue was not too bad before and after me but I then queued in Boots for 45 minutes,-no way was the post office this long!!

Over the last 10 weeks I have sold, packed and posted about 172 items ranging from two lots of ink nibs and dip pens for £65, a vintage Ensign Kinecam for £165, a Harry Potter type wand £25, seven figures from the Robert Harrop Doggie People Band for over £65, A LK Bennett coat that sold for £52.40 (as a similar one was worn in a USA tv programme). Tapestries have also been very popular at the moment new, and even part completed selling up to £32.

I really enjoy the challenge of an item I have never seen before and researching it and sometimes selling for a very good price, other times a smaller one than I hoped. But always at the back of my mind is when this is over Mandy, Peter, Louise and the others can go fishing, trampolining, horse riding etc again and I can go back to list at Acorn.
I look forward to Phil’s big party and seeing everyone again, I get my house back and my husband gets to enjoys his peace again!!

Our e-bay volunteer also helps at all events 😊

If you would like to help then please read the below


Please find the links below on ways you can help if you are able to, don’t forget to save ‘acornvillagecharity & acornvinylrecords’ as your favourite sellers if you use e-bay as they are listing new items everyday.

Buy from our E-bay Account

Sell items on E-bay and give a percentage to the AcornVillageCharity

Buy Vinyl LPs / Records from Acorn Vinyl on Discogs
Or check out the additional Ebay Vinyl sales

Put items out the front of your house to sell with donations to Acorn Village (please adhere to all government guidelines – don’t touch any money in pots for at least 72 hours)

Create Zoom parties with games and quizzes for your friends and family with donations coming to Acorn

Do a Sponsored Challenge – run 5k, walk everyday for a month, bake cakes, grow the tallest sunflower competition with your neighbours, there are so many ideas and ways you can help support adults with learning disabilities. We will share your challenges through our social media channels.

Share your free Acorn Activity Pack from the last news letter to friends to spread the need for support

Sign up to The Essex Lottery choosing Acorn Village as your Charity

Use Easy Fundraising selecting Acorn Village as your chosen charity.

If you want to give a financial donation then THANK YOU.


There are lots of ways you can do this:

Ways to donate:

Make a direct payment or set up a direct debit directly into our bank account – 100% of your donation will go straight into helping adults with learning disabilities. E-mail us for the details: 

Via Paypal
Via Givey
Via Just Giving


Text HELPACORN to 70450 to donate £3
Texts cost £3 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £3 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text HELPACORNNOINFO to 70450.

From everyone at Acorn Village – THANK YOU

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