Media Groups

 Where there are no limits…. do you want to become a weather reporter? Write your own book? Create a comic?  Create an audiobook? Write your own quiz?  Research the history of the tomato?

Clients get the opportunity to design and create technical projects using the latest software programmes and proudly showcase their work to their friends and families.

The Media groups offer exciting opportunities to ask questions and explore the world around them as well as learn and understand more about current events both in the UK and abroad.
Sessions are tailored to suit individual client’s interests, some of the previous topics researched include historical events, poetry, famous artists, space travel and music.

Discussions surrounding a selection of daily newspapers and weekly/monthly magazines within a group setting are encouraged and all opinions are valued and explored.

The group uses the onsite internet and facilities to research their individual projects with up to the minute news broadcasts and video footage. The friendly environment offers stimulating topics to debate and lively discussion.

Participants create a unique news story board. Sessions take place in our onsite Media Room.

Key Benefits of Media:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of UK and International news
  • Improve general knowledge
  • Improve communication skills and ability to express own opinion
  • Develop reading, verbal and listening skills as well as creative writing skills
  • Develop focus and concentration
  • Develop IT skills for researching using the internet and creating online projects

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