Community Involvement

As well as using the local facilities for shopping, meeting up with friends or just enjoying beautiful walks along the River Stour, community involvement is at the heart of Acorn Village.

From the support of others to the support Acorn Village gives in return.

Manningtree ‘On Tracks Mural’ Train Project

Acorn Artists during 2017 & 2018 were invited by ACorp to work on two murals and a poem to brighten up commuter’s day. These can be found at Manningtree Train Station in the connecting platforms tunnel.

They also took part in a train safety session which involved discussions and ideas for accessing the trains and potential facilities for different train stations.

Harwich Sea Festival / Hospital Gallery / Mistley Train Station / Tendring Show

Acorn Artists regularly display their works for the community to enjoy at the Harwich Sea Festival. Over the years they have also displayed their artwork at Colchester Hospital, Mistley Train Station and at the Tendring Show.

Essex County Council Youth Service and other organisations

Community workers come to Acorn Village to help support the charity either through supervised ground work or working in the Creative Craft Centre learning about diversity and opportunities.

Spiritual Support

Residents and tenants are supported to follow their individual beliefs and attend any chosen service that may be applicable.

Working Opportunities

Alongside our Charity Shops, tenants have local work opportunities whether it’s helping on community projects or working for local businesses such as the Co-op.

Employment in a Rural Area

Acorn Village provides the opportunity for local employment with part-time, full time and night shifts giving the working community flexibility within their chosen career paths.

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