One of the Acorn Artists went to the Awards Night in Glasgow representing all of the Acorn Artists who created the ‘Mural for Manningtree’.

She kept a log of her trip and wanted to share her experience…


4th October 2018

  • 6.30 am Headed for Manningtree Station
  • 6.45 am Hit the Manningtree Buffet for coffee and a bacon roll
  • 7.18 am Boarded the train to London Liverpool Street
  • 8 am approx. Taxi to Euston Station and met up with Terri Ryland (Community Rail Partnership Officer), Linda Stone (Community Rail Partnership Officer), Jayne (Community Rail Personnel) and Julia (nominated volunteer)
  • 9.08 am Boarded the train to Glasgow
  • Used the buffet car for a sandwich lunch
  • 3 pm approx. arrived in Glasgow
  • Asked for directions to the Hilton Hotel arrived at wrong hotel (4 Hilton’s in Glasgow). Got a taxi to the right hotel, Double Tree by Hilton. Booked in and straight out to do the shops. I wanted tartan socks, I then changed my mind and bought a pen instead and we returned to the hotel with half an hour spare before the champagne reception. After a quick shower it was time to go.
  • 5.30 pm Drinking orange juice at the reception. Sadly no champagne for us.
  • 6.30 pm into the Grand Ballroom piped in by Piper to hear the speeches from Jools Townsend the Chief Executive of ACoRP and John Swinney the Deputy First Minister of Scottish Parliament followed by an ice breaking game that we all enjoyed called Scot or Not.
  • 7 pm Dinner was served we had 3 courses and it was delicious. We enjoyed low alcohol beers. We then we had another game called Heads or Tails.
  • 8.45 pm Dominic Booth the Managing Director of Abellio UK gave a welcome speech. The awards ceremony started. We were the second nomination of the night – Involving Diverse Groups, Manningtree Railway On Tracks and Art in the Tunnel. We waited expectantly with fingers crossed and guess what? WE CAME THIRD. Not bad for a nationwide event. Everybody cheered and we went on stage to receive our award. We had our photo taken and shook hands with the Chief Executive of ACoRP and the Managing Director of Abellio UK.
  • 11 pm approx. The presentations finished and the ceilidh started. Terri and I danced and had great fun.
  • 12 midnight I decided I wanted to go to bed after such energetic dancing and we returned to our rooms.

5th October 2018

  • 7.30 am We enjoyed a delicious breakfast. I had smoked salmon and poached eggs on muffins with a hollandaise sauce. WOW
  • 8.30 am Booked out of the hotel but left our luggage to collect after a trip out. Jayne had decided to go home and Julia to stay another night. We had free travel passes for Scotland and Terri, Linda, Sue and I decided to take the train to the ferry and visit the Isle of Bute. We decided to go for a walk on Bute along the Serpentine Road that took us up to a vantage point overlooking Bute. It was very steep the road was winding and we decided to walk up steps that were steeper but shorter to walk. It was like walking up a mountain. We even stopped talking (yes really) to save breath for walking. The houses and gardens were very grand and the view at the top spectacular. We made our way back down and started our journey back to the hotel, collected our luggage and headed for the station by taxi.
  • 3 pm approx. We boarded the train at Glasgow. It was very busy but Terri and Linda found seats so we could sit together and the journey home started. We didn’t get into Euston Station until approx. 8 pm and took the underground to Liverpool Street. The train to Norwich was cancelled and we got on a train to Clacton getting off at Colchester. We got a lift from Colchester to home arriving at approx. 11 pm. Luckily we had sandwiches on the journey home so we could go straight to bed for a well -earned sleep after having such a busy fun packed two days.




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