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For over 3 months our dedicated tenant has been working in the community delivering magazines. He wanted to tell you a bit about what his job entails…

Once a month I deliver 660 magazines around Manningtree Essex. I also wear a hi-vis jacket to keep me safe and it takes me about five days to complete my job. I also get paid for delivering my magazines.

I deliver to Foundry Court, Ironside Walk and see my friends there. It takes me about 15 hours in total to do my job over the 5 days. I enjoy delivering them around Manningtree and meeting my friends.
I don’t like delivering them in the rain because I don’t want the magazines to get wet but it still has to be done.

Simply Thai like me delivering to them so much they give me free spring rolls when I deliver the magazines and Manningtree Grill give me a free diet coke when I give them theirs! 

I like getting the bus home at the end of the day.

Well done to him, we think he does a wonderful job which empowers him to be as independent as possible.

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