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Autumn Sale 18th & 19th October

The pop – up Autumn Sale replacing the Quilt, Craft & Flower Show, raised over £2,300 thanks to the wonderful volunteers helping over the two days.
Despite Saturday being a bit quiet (something about Rugby!!), their huge smiles and laughter ensured all who came were welcomed in true Acorn style, it was great to see some new faces both as volunteers and those coming to Acorn for the first time.

Fabulous tombolas created by the volunteers

Maintenance Team Addition

One of our residents has decided he would like to oversee the Maintenance Department.
He has been proudly showcasing his own hat and mask and following our Maintenance Manager around to keep a close eye on the goings on at Acorn.
He’s been discussing the plumbing, doing checks of the site and supervised the telegraph posts as they were removed from the field recently.
He also insisted of photos being taken of him in his new role which are now proudly displayed in the corridor.

Great photo but our resident wants to know where’s the Maintenance Manager’s mask??

That’s better!

Frank, Rocky, Dr Scott!

Film Club has continued to be very popular at Acorn Village, but the busiest one so far this year was the late night showing of ‘Rocky Horror’. With a theatre full and some fantastic outfits, there was lots of singing and
dancing in the Creative Craft Centre….. it’s just a jump to the left..

All ready for a great film night


There was some familiar faces to be found as Acorn Village had it’s first ever collection at Tesco’s Hythe in Colchester.
As it was close to Halloween, Mickey & Minnie decided to go all out and get dressed Harry Potter Wizard and Witch style. The pair talked to a lot of people about Acorn Village and the need for funds as well as collecting on the day. Thank you to everyone who spoke, donated and had photos with them.
We will be looking to hopefully sign up again for this next year, if you would like to volunteer for this, we would love to hear from you.

Smiles, hugs and waves for Mickey & Minnie


What’s next??

31st October is the Dance-a-thon, you may recognise our tenant who for her previous fundraising events went to the Royal Garden Party this year. She’s back fundraising by getting people to dance non-stop for 12hours. The last 3hours of the event she’s holding a Halloween Disco for everyone to join in.
Well Done, we’ll update you on how it all went very soon. If you’d like to donate you can do here


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