Enjoying the sun during lunch

We went on a group trip to Colchester Zoo arranged by the Creative Craft Centre.

J was scared of the ducks but liked the snakes and the vultures. His favourite animal was the snakes especially the python.

H wanted to feed the tigers but that wasn’t a possibility. We fed the elephants and the giraffes. Did you know that giraffes tongues are black so they don’t get sun burnt?

We went on the train to see the Lemurs, they were on the grass. We saw the aardvarks, the giraffes, the penguins (they were swimming) and the wolves.

C saw the Red Pandas. We held the stick insects. P saw a Lion and goldfish, his favourite animals were the bush-babies.

B thought we were going to the bar rather than go and feed the birds!! L really wanted to see the tigers and was so excited when we did.

It was a really lovely day.

Guess the animal!!

The elephants were a bit slimy and very strong

Being shown how to flatten our hands to feed them



Laughs all round

Giggles over lunch

Train time

Smiles on the Madagascar Express!

Looking forward to seeing the Lemurs

The ring-tailed lemurs from Madagascar

Enjoying a quick break

Tiger Time

Spot the Python

Staff enjoying the smiles from residents & tenants

Enjoying getting hands on with some of the animals

It’s a thumbs up from us

We loved the elephants

Trying to spot the iguanas & tortoises



Such a great day out


The penguin dance

Penguin watching



Under the sea

The cheeky pair!

Seeing the orangutan

Feeding the giraffes, they were a lot cleaner eaters than the elephants!


Fun with the orangutan


All smiles at Colchester Zoo

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