Residents and Tenants had a wonderful drama session with supporter and actor Jeremy Sheffield (as seen in Holby City, Hollyoaks as well as some Hollywood Films and more).
He came and ran a workshop for the day re-creating parts of the Queen music video ‘I want to Break Free’ in which he originally starred in.


Great fun was had by all the residents and tenants saying they ‘learnt loads’ and felt like they were in a ‘professional drama’ school.

One of our residents took the time out of his busy schedule to tell us a bit about it.

Did you enjoy the film premiere?

It was interesting, it took ages which was good. We got a certificate.

Was it good watching the film on the big screen?

Yes, it was different. I didn’t hear it properly on the big screen but did on my computer.

Did you enjoy making the film?

Making the film was hard and difficult. Too many bits and pieces, but I did enjoy it.

Would you like to make another film?

Yes, I would like to make a film about animals next time and would like to do my own when I have time.

Did you like the DVD?

Yes and my Mum’s seen it and took it to the Church and Dad took it to his work.

Did you enjoy working with Jeremy?

Yes, it was my first time.

What part of the movie did you enjoy the most?

Sitting around the tables.

The film Premiere was held on the 25th January where all participants were given Certificates for their hard work after watching the final cut.

A huge well done to everyone and thanks to Jeremy and Kate for such a great session.

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