Art is recommended by our supported living tenant to help get through the pandemic

Life in Lockdown


Here’s the fifth part of a selection of ‘Life in Lockdown’ blogs from inside Acorn Village, thank you to all of our wonderful carers, volunteers and Acorn VIP’s for sharing their challenges and fears throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

These are the exact words from one of our supported living tenants and how they view the current pandemic. Anything in italics is added in by us.

Why does lockdown have to happen?
It happens in the fact that there’s been a lot more people all over the world has died because of this, coronavirus could kill, even family pets so I suggest to carry on being separated from all folks and in other countries.

What advice would you give to other people
Making sure that you keep occupied by playing games, create an art folder, listening to music, you can also arrange a book club of your own and word searches but make sure you keep clean hygienically after using the facilities and before touching any food items. This is my only advice to keeping your distance from people in 1 area to another area also still thinking, cleaning all electrical equipment and all light switches, this is the only option is to protect yourselves from the coronavirus and it is very annoying when it comes on a certain day when food shopping has to be cleaned.

How do you feel during lockdown?
During the last couple of weeks with me, it’s a very boring time so I came up with ideas to keep myself occupied and also have my own privacy but I’m still keeping my distance whenever I’m in my bedroom with something to do.

What’s been your frustrations?
Losing my independence. Fed up, taking it out on someone, bossed about a lot (with having to comply to the new regulations) and its not nice to stay behind four walls day and night. Have you heard the song called I want to break free from the Queen..

What’s been the best bits?
But the best bits of my lockdown is getting to find something to do and and to be parted from other areas in the house. This will be continuous so I can get it right throughout my life spending time with friends and sometimes on my own come what may.

What’s made you feel happy during lockdown?
What makes me happy is that I like spending time with one of my housemates and loads of challenging things like quizzes and all sorts that I am proud of.

Supported Living Tenant

Supported living tenants socially distancing together

A very picasso style lockdown piece



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