Morag (right) with her friend Terri from Essex & South Suffolk Community Rail Partnership

My Day of Filming

Morag is a volunteer at Essex & South Suffolk Community Rail Partnership, she helps with Community events as well as keeping a close eye on the train stations. As part of her role she was asked if she wanted to be in a film showcasing what she does to help.

21st January 2020

I really enjoyed being filmed at Manningtree Train Station, tidying up the plant pots and putting posters up in the poster board at Manningtree Station. I wasn’t at all nervous, not at all and I wasn’t camera shy.
I delivered leaflets to the library in Manningtree and Bendall’s Court. Then we went back to Acorn Village and the other Acorn Artists were filmed because of the work on the Manningtree Mural,

22nd January 2020

I really enjoyed measuring the poster board at Colchester Town Station, I also did a Health & Safety Check at Colchester Town Station and at Wivenhoe Station. We check the ticket machine to see if it’s working, making sure the help points are working and clear, the plant pots and poster areas and that the smart card machine works.
We did a Health & Safety Check and put leaflets in the waiting room of Wivenhoe Station. We noticed some graffiti on the walls and the ticket machine was scratched where you put the coins in. It is very important to do Health and Safety checks at all of the Stations.

I really enjoyed my day and it made me feel like a star, my sister said I could be a celebrity.



Morag tending to the plants

Changing the posters to keep everything up to date

Checking the door is fully closed

Discussing the ‘On Tracks’ mural created by Acorn Artists

Refilling the leaflets at the Library

Lots of exciting projects coming up for the Mayflower this year

The never ending challenge of the weeds!

Keeping the Station looking so lovely is one of the many important roles as a volunteer

Back at Acorn Village to discuss the mural on camera

Filming in the Creative Craft Centre

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