Due to the weather on Saturday we will be bringing the class start times forward by an hour to reduce the time in the heat. You will be able to sign up for classes from 9.30am.

Please see the new Class Schedule.

Throughout the day we will be monitoring the weather and will action accordingly taking advice from the two Highcliff Veterinarians who will be onsite. There will be a water trough & an old bath to soak our furry friends in along with wet towels, a paddling pool and water bowls, however you know your best friends and will no doubt ensure their comfort and safety is a priority.

As per our previous post please bring everything you need for them and a re-useable water bottle for yourselves and we will make sure there is tap water available throughout the day.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat!

Phew…. last year it was rain and this year a heatwave!!

Thank you so much for your support and for helping adults with learning disabilities.

Fun for Everyone

There is lots to do on the day, whether it’s relaxing in the Walled garden of the Coffee Shop, finding a bargain or admiring the well behaved dogs all whilst helping to raise funds for adults with learning disabilities.

  • Fun Dog Classes with medals and rosettes
  • Veterinary Advice from Highcliff Veterinary Surgeons
  • Dog & Duck and Scentwork demonstrations
  • Miniature Steam Engine Rides
  • Charity Sheds, Charity Shop & Pre-Loved Furniture
  • Debbie Millar School of Dance
  • BBQ & Coffee Shop
  • Live Music from Harwich Sing & Brenda Perry
  • Classic Cars
  • Stalls & Games
  • And more…

We hope you can join us on the day for our 6th Dog Show.

A huge thank you to all of the sponsors who have kindly donated to make this event happen.

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