Acorn Village has it’s first ever podcast and weather report.


The Acorn Village supported living tenants have been back on a trial basis to the Creative Craft Centre and are already learning new skills..

They are undertaking one to one sessions or pairs from the same household if they are living together.
Safety is at the forefront constantly as you can hear from the podcast with social distancing, hand hygiene and masks being constantly discussed.

Staff, residents and supported living tenants are also being regularly swabbed for Covid19 which, although unpleasant, is helping to keep everyone safe along with following the government guidelines.

Returning to the Creative Craft Centre is a chance for a little bit of normality for adults with learning disabilities and a break from the daily stresses of the current climate as well as a chance to get really creative as you can tell with the podcast and weather update.

Thank you to all who continue to support adults with learning disabilities at Acorn Village, as you can see it really makes a difference.




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