I like going fishing. I liked meeting the fisherman, Charlie was nice. The birds were really lovely, it was good when they flew over the lake. The journey was long down there but I saw diggers on a building site and dumpertrucks aswell. We had a barbeque, I had sausages and burgers, it was very nice. I met a lovely dog called Brayer, she was a black labrador.

I couldn’t catch some fish but I don’t mind, I got a medal and a pen instead and a little trophy.

Asked what she would like to say to the organisers – Thank you very very much!



Catkins house all went. T managed to catch 20!!!! She brought seven of them home with her and gave the rest away to other residents who didn’t catch any. P & R didn’t catch any but still had a great time. The staff learnt how to gut and clean the fish so they could cook them for dinner. They all loved it and were very proud of what they achieved. It was a long happy day.

Everyone who went really enjoyed themselves with a lot of laughter and singing throughout the day. The smiles continued through the rest of the week. We’d all like to say a big thank you to The Masonic fishing Charity for making all of this possible.

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