A Message from our Patron Nigel

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Hello Everyone,

How lovely it is to be able to speak to you all again, haven’t you done well. We’ve finished with the year 2020 and now it’s a brand new 2021. We’re still here and doing our best by keeping busy, being kind and looking after each other. 

I think you deserve a great big pat on the back, go on, give yourself one right now.
I can’t wait to see you all again, to have a coffee, have a chat, have a laugh and a hug. We will do so again I am sure. We will have those vaccine jabs in our arms and as the virus is pushed from our lives we will move forward again. 
Really and truly thumbs up, we will get better and move to happier times sooner, rather than later.

So Villages, Carers, Friends, Directors, let’s prepare for the months ahead and show the world that we at Acorn Village are still smiling, still keeping strong, still caring. We united are Acorn’s beating heart. We are Acorn Village.

Happy 2021 Everyone.

Your Patron,

Mr Nigel Spence MBE DL


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