My Trip To Diggerland

I think Diggerland was really good. I had a lovely time. I went on the big diggers, and I saw a tank!! It was massive. I think it’s wicked, I went on this round ride, first of all it went round and when the bucket was down my stomach couldn’t take it and...

Planes & Puppies

    I watched the planes. They were really good.         I liked the Red Arrows. I went with staff, volunteers and my friends. It was the flyover near the river. I loved all the planes, we didn’t see the helicopters. I’ve got...
Baking Delights

Baking Delights

Acorn’s Very Own Bake Off! We’ve been asked to post this lovely picture on her behalf of one of our residents doing a spot of baking at Oak Lodge.   It looks like she’s having a wonderful time, we’re hoping we may get a sneaky taste of...
A trip to Felixstowe Port thanks to Maersk

A trip to Felixstowe Port thanks to Maersk

  We all enjoyed our trip to Felixstowe Port and meeting Steve Mann and he took us on a tour of the port and told us what was in the containers, He also told us that there were some containers full of maggots which was horrible. I liked the ships and the Shotley...

Dog Show Class Times Updates

***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** Due to the weather on Saturday we will be bringing the class start times forward by an hour to reduce the time in the heat. You will be able to sign up for classes from 9.30am. Please see the new Class Schedule. Throughout the day we will be...

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